The Unit - Davis 打造精緻示範單位 - Spazio Plus 多維家居

Venue: The Unit - DAVIS Serviced Residence
Project: whole building serviced residential furniture customization
Features: deformable bed + telescopic dining table

SPAZIO's key project this year, in cooperation with the Emperor Group, applied the transformable bed/extensible dining table to the serviced residence - The Unit - DAVIS, No. 22 Davis Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong. Adhering to the high quality requirements and style of the Emperor Hotel Group, it is The Unit - DAVIS custom-made furniture for whole-building serviced residences, turning 140-square-foot one-bedroom units into 300-square-foot, and 300-square-foot two-bedroom units into 500 square feet, greatly increasing practicality and creating unlimited possibilities in limited space.


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MAVIS PLUS 0.44米至2.3米 特長伸縮餐枱 - Spazio Plus 多維家居MAVIS PLUS 0.44米至2.3米 特長伸縮餐枱 - Spazio Plus 多維家居
MAVIS PLUS 0.44m-2.3m Extra Long Extendable Dining Table
Sale priceHK$3,388.00 Regular priceHK$5,400.00
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