OLIVIA 3-Seat Leathaire Chaise Longue Sofa Bed

Options: Dark gray with Left-hand-facing chaise longue
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OLIVIA Sofa Bed Series Exclusive Limited Offer


Now enjoy an exclusive limited-time offer of 30% off on the OLIVIA sofa bed series! Enter the discount code "OLIVIA30" during checkout to get the price as low as $4788. For more details, please contact our customer service via WhatsApp.

Two-seater versions are available for trial sitting at our Jordan and Sha Tin stores.

Three-seater versions are available for trial sitting at our Jordan and Kwun Tong stores.


Delivery Schedule (Updated on September 10)

Deep Grey Left Side: OUT OF STOCK

Deep Grey Right Side: OUT OF STOCK

Light Grey Left Side: OUT OF STOCK

Light Grey Right Side: OUT OF STOCK

Expected restock in October/November


*Prices may increase after a certain quantity is sold.






Product Features:

  • Premium Technology Fabric: Waterproof, oil-resistant, stain-resistant, abrasion-resistant, highly breathable, and comfortable.

  • Adjustable Backrest: Three angles for flat lying, semi-reclining, and sitting positions. Easy transformation and operation.

  • Plastic Safety Panel: The footrest section is equipped with a plastic panel to prevent pets or children from crawling inside and getting injured, ensuring safety.

  • One side can be pulled out separately to become a chaise lounge.

  • Can be transformed into a super king-size bed.

High-Quality Technology Fabric:

Technology fabric is a modern material typically made from synthetic fibers or special fiber blends. It offers several advantages. Technology fabric is highly durable, withstanding long hours of use and friction without wearing or fading easily. It also has excellent stain resistance and is easy to clean, resisting liquid penetration and stain retention. Additionally, it provides good breathability and a soft, comfortable texture, similar to fabric sofas. Spazio highly recommends sofa bed products made with technology fabric.

Adjustable Backrest in Three Positions

The adjustable backrest feature allows users to customize their sitting positions according to their preferences and needs. It can be adjusted to lie flat, semi-recline, or sit upright. The transformation process is easy and simple, allowing users to find their most comfortable sitting position effortlessly.

Safety Panel

The footrest section is equipped with a plastic safety panel, providing additional protection. The plastic panel prevents pets or children from crawling into the space beneath the chair, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries. This design ensures user safety and provides peace of mind.

One side can be pulled out separately to become a chaise lounge

One side of the Olivia three-seater sofa can be pulled out separately to form the shape of a chaise lounge. This side can be used independently, providing a more spacious and comfortable seating area. The backrest can be tilted to a more comfortable angle, offering a better resting experience.

Can be transformed into a super king-size bed

The Olivia three-seater sofa has a convertible feature, allowing the entire sofa to be unfolded and assembled into a super king-size bed. This makes the sofa versatile, serving as a comfortable seat and a spacious, comfortable sleeping space.

Product Specifications:

Material: Waterproof, scratch-resistant technology fabric, high-density soft sponge, premium metal springs
Width W 2080mm / 82"
Depth (closed) D 940mm / 37"
Depth (opened) D 1850mm / 73"
Height H 900mm / 35.4"

**One-year warranty for the product**


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星期日及公眾假期:12:00 - 18:00

顏色選項: Dark Grey , Light Grey
物料選項: Latheriane
特色: Chaise Longue, Sofa bed

最小尺寸: 940 x 2080 x 900 (mm)
最大尺寸: 1850 x 2080 x 900 (mm)
保養: 1年

  1. 傢俱類產品(梳化/餐桌/餐椅等等)訂單買滿$5000即可享免費送貨上門及安裝服務。若未達指定金額之訂單需收取運輸連同安裝費用港幣$200。
  2. 辦公椅及電腦椅產品買滿$1000即可享免費送貨上門及安裝服務。,若未達指定金額之訂單需收取運輸連同安裝費用港幣$200。
  3. 有庫存的產品(非訂造產品)將於購買後14個工作天內送到(變形床不包括在內)
  4. 送貨時間為11:00am - 7:00pm,如要在7:00pm後送貨須加收 $200附加費,星期日及公眾假期不設送貨
  5. 送貨地區包括,香港、九龍、新界 (東涌及馬灣須加收 $80, 愉景灣 $180);其它離島地區須額外收費,需另行報價,請向本公司查詢
  6. 其他詳情可查看「送貨服務」或是向客服查詢

產品的顏色及尺寸不合你要求嗎? 我們能為你的家居度身訂造獨特而完美的設計。立即向我們咨詢以獲得專業家居建議及報價,享受免費預約上門度尺服務,請透過以下方式聯絡客服以獲得即時報價。

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