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Spazio, derived from the Italian word for "space," is a specialist in multidimensional living and has been rooted in Hong Kong for 13 years. We offer affordable and high-quality transformable furniture solutions for small and compact living units in Hong Kong. Our designs are space-saving, aesthetically pleasing, and practical, making the most of every inch of space. We strive to create the perfect home design, providing urban dwellers with an ideal solution to enhance and optimize their living spaces - "More Space for Life."

"SPAZIO" means "space" in Italian. Italy is known for its furniture design, and Italian transformable furniture adds both beauty and practicality to ordinary furniture, saving and optimizing valuable living space. We started by importing transformable furniture from Italy and have since continued to develop, manufacture (OEM/ODM/OBM), and sell our own products, always upholding the Italian standards for quality and design. Our goal is to provide customers with high-quality products and excellent service.

As a direct manufacturer with a wide distribution network, we are able to achieve cost-effectiveness, resulting in lower prices and better value for our customers. Our products undergo rigorous international testing and meet safety and durability standards, ensuring peace of mind for buyers. You can visit our large showroom in the Kwun Tong district, which spans over 2000 square feet. There, you can explore a variety of unique and stylish furniture, including multifunctional transformable beds, ergonomic computer chairs, and children's study desks and chairs. We offer special discounts as a token of appreciation to our customers. Don't miss out!

Inside the store, we have created a small demonstration space of 280 square feet and several mini rooms of over 50 square feet. These spaces serve as examples for small homes and compact living, allowing you to experience and envision the ideal home setup with a wide range of furniture options.

Your satisfaction is our greatest motivation.

Your Satisfaction Drive Us

Why Spazio

Spazio now has showroom display rooms in Kwun Tong, Jordan, and Sha Tin. We welcome customers to visit and try our furniture. Our friendly staff will provide on-site consultation, assisting you in selecting the right colors, sizes, and arranging delivery and installation services. We aim to make the process simple, convenient, and efficient, ensuring that your desired furniture is delivered right to your doorstep.


With 13 years of establishment in Hong Kong, we have been serving numerous households and businesses across the city.

Physical Showroom

Spazio now has showroom in Kwun Tong, Jordan, and Sha Tin.

Tailor Made for you

We provide custom furniture and interior design services to create furniture that perfectly suits your needs.







FERNANDO 1.5米 雙人電動隱形床 連書櫃及書桌組合 - Spazio Plus 多維家居








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