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Spazio Plus



**Advance required, approximately 4-6 weeks**

Warranty period: 5 years

Combination: bed + sofa + shelf

Extra Delivery & Installation Fee will be charged for $1,500

Color: Please contact the store for reference color version

(before opening) W1740 x D1200 x H2035 mm
(after opening) W1740 x D2035 x H2035 mm

product description:

  • have both shelf, sofa and 5-foot bed function
  • When the invisible bed is opened, the shelf is always balanced on the ground during the descent of the bed, and there is no need to deliberately organize the items on the shelf
  • Spazio's unique production process changes the air pressure rod into a hidden type, which improves the appearance and comfort of the product
  • Equipped with a force-reducing buffer safety device, when the bed is descending, it will buffer and reduce force at a fixed point, reducing the load on the operation
  • There is a Spazio special safety lock on the cabinet, which locks the bed when it returns to its original position
  • Air pressure support rod is used, which is more convenient to install and safer to use than other ordinary mechanical springs, with low noise, environmental protection and energy saving. It has a buffer mechanism to avoid impact on the components in place and has a long service life.
  • Use excellent quality Wood particle board, environmental protection grade is E1, formaldehyde emission ≤ 1.5mg/L, safer and more environmentally friendly

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