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New Year upgrade offer, up to 70% off ✆ 6733 3118 ✉ Kwun Tong• Jordan• Shatin• Kwai Chung New Year upgrade offer, up to 70% off ✆ 6733 3118 ✉ Kwun Tong• Jordan• Shatin• Kwai Chung

Spazio Plus

PICASSO PLUS Children's Ergonomic Growth Desk and Chair (Upgrade Board) Set

$1,599.00 $1,599.00

Additional Accessories - Bookshelves:
Additional accessories - eye protection LED lights:

PICASSO PLUS Children's Ergonomic Growth Desk and Chair Set

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In stock

Product Features:

  • Two independent stationery grooves can hold brushes, pencils .

  • The inclination of the desktop board can be adjusted to provide students with the most ideal viewing angle for writing and learning.

  • Non-reflective table top material to protect children's eyes.

The height of tables and chairs is adjusted to accompany children's growth.

  • There are spaced drawers at the bottom of the table to neatly store stationery and books.

  • The multifunctional hooks on the side of the table can hang school bags and cup holders.

  • Can be matched with bookshelves and LED eye protection lights

** Suitable for children aged 3-14

** E1 grade density board is used, the formaldehyde emission is in line with European safety standards, and it has passed the safety test for items used by children

Product Size:

Desk: 66.4 cm(W) ​​x 49.3 cm(D) x 54.6~76.6 cm(H)
Chair: 38.6 cm(W) ​​x 38.0 cm(D) x 67.3~79.3 cm(H)
Cushion: 36.5 cm(W) ​​x 34.5 cm(D) x 32~44 cm(H)

**One Year Warranty**

Color: Grey/Blue/Pink

Additional bookshelves (+$100)

Add LED eye protection lamp (+$300)

​Angle can be adjusted freely

3 brightness adjustable

Model: iKFD-G5402
Stock status: in stock

American CPSIA children's product safety certification

EU EN71-3 children's product safety certification

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