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PICASSO Children's Ergonomic Growth Desk and Chair Set

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Pink + wood grain desktop
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Additional accessories - pen holder with hook::
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PICASSO Children's Ergonomic Growth Desk and Chair Set

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The discount is limited to [gray] and [pink + wood grain desktop] versions

Product Features:

The unique drawing paper roller makes it more convenient for children to draw (a roll of book paper is provided).


The inclination of the desktop board can be adjusted to provide students with the most ideal viewing angle for writing and learning.

Non-reflective table top material to protect children's eyes.


The height of tables and chairs is adjusted to accompany children's growth.

The grooves on the side can hold paintbrushes and pencils.

There are spaced drawers at the bottom of the table to neatly store stationery and books.

The multifunctional hooks on the side of the table can hang school bags and cup holders.

There are magnetic clips on the top and bottom of the desktop, which can help fix the drawing paper with the provided tools.

** Suitable for children aged 3-14

** Using E1 density board, the amount of formaldehyde released meets European safety standards, and passed the safety test for children's articles (report below)

Product Size :
Desk: 66.4 cm(W) x 47.4 cm(D) x 54~76 cm(H)
Chair: 38.6 cm(W) x 38.0 cm(D) x 67.3~79.3 cm(H)
Cushion: 36.5 cm(W) x 34.5 cm(D) x 32~44 cm(H)

**One Year Warranty**

Color: gray / blue / pink / pink + wood grain desktop

Gray (Grey Version)

Blue (Blue Version)

Pink (Pink Version)

Pink + Wood Desktop Version (Pink + Wood Desktop Version)