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ERGOHUMAN S (Single Pole Standard Version) Ergonomic Chair

$3,999.00 $3,400.00

Black frame black net (requires reservation)
Black frame gray net (requires reservation)

model: iOC-H288S

Product size: 69cm(W) x 62~67cm(D) x 114-128.5cm(H)
Cushion height: 46.5-55.5cm
Rotating chassis: 68cm diameter
Seat load: 120 Kg
Color: Black Frame Black Mesh/ Black Frame Gray Mesh

Product Features:
American Matrex mesh, durable and never deformed
Headrest height and angle adjustment
Chair recline strength adjustment function
Seat back tilt lock function
Chair back height adjustment
Lumbar support
Armrest height and angle adjustment
Seat cushion front and back and height adjustment
The tripod, the back frame and the armrest bracket are made of aluminum alloy
The world's first single-lever control chassis, more convenient and easier to use
Aluminum alloy swivel tripod and half back frame, reliable and durable
The maximum recline angle is 20 degrees

**5 Years Warranty**


01. Single lever control chassis (the world's first)

One lever controls all functions, making the multifunctional office chair easy to operate.


02.   Automatic elastic lumbar pillow support system (the world's first

  • When sitting down, the lumbar pillow automatically adjusts the most comfortable support according to the individual body shape.
  • During work, even if the back leaves the back of the chair, the automatic elastic lumbar pillow can still provide all-round support for the corresponding sitting posture.

03.   Adjustable seat back height

The best lumbar support position is the 3rd to 5th vertebrae, and the back height adjustment function can meet the needs of different users.

04. Innovative and unique shape design

Combining art and science, the automatic elastic lumbar pillow brings you an unparalleled use experience.


05. 3D handrail

The height, angle and front and rear adjustment of the armrest give the arm a full range of support.


Functional breakdown:




US patented nylon mesh Matrex Mesh- Durable and unchanged

As one of the strongest and most durable mesh fabrics on the market, Matrex's mesh material is made of strong and elastic polyester fibers woven into delicate and complex mesh materials.American Matrex nylon fiber mesh has a high-level touch of elasticity and absorbency.The opening area of each line of the American nylon fiber mesh is very large, which can increase the efficiency of heat exhaust, and the mesh surface adopts the advanced technology of the mesh surface technology of the United States, which greatly increases the air permeability and support elasticity.

  • Composition: 100% Polyester
  • Wear resistance: more than 50,000 times of grinding
  • Flame retardant: CA117- Section E (CS-191-53)
  • Color fastness to light: Level 5 (more than 40 hours of light)
  • Certification: BS 5852:E4 - Part 12.4
  • Friction firmness: wet: 4.5; dry 5



Other colors can be ordered

Welcome to call for inquiries




Additional materials can be ordered

Welcome to call for inquiries


KMD series mesh

The primary goal of the KMD series of mesh is to eliminate the slippery characteristics of traditional mesh and solve the problem of users sliding.Containing 60% nylon with high support strength and 40% cotton, it makes users feel comfortable, soft and non-slip, bringing a softer sitting experience, and also eliminates the slippery characteristics of traditional nylon, fundamentally solving the problem Easy sliding seat problem.


Composition: 60% Nylon/ 40% Cotton
Wear resistance: more than 100,000 times of grinding
Flame retardancy: BS5852:2006 (clause 11 composite)
Certification: BS 5842:2006 clause 11.4 (composite materials)
Color fastness to light: 4.5 (AATCC 16:2004)
Friction firmness: wet: 4.5, dry 4.5



ZB series mesh

Take the advantages of Japanese 3D net and American net, and increase Q degree and heavy resistance, especially suitable for heavy people, will not sit up on the cushion will have a feeling of sinking. This unique, vibrant and stylish mesh fabric is made in the USA and is patented worldwide. The ZB series mesh is a groundbreaking innovation that is popular in the market and works perfectly with our coloured wheels, feet and upholstery. Available in black, silver-gray, green, orange, coffee, and more.


Composition: 100% polyester
Wear resistance: more than 100,000 grinding turns
Flame retardant: Complies with CA117- Section E (CS-191-53)
Color fastness to light: 5 (greater than 40 hours of light duration)
Friction firmness: wet: 4.5, dry 5



LE series cowhide

Made of high-quality cowhide leather, it can make the seat more noble. For the most luxurious style, choose the LE series first-layer cowhide imported from Europe, which is available in a variety of colours, ranging from traditional earth tones to a variety of beautiful modern hues. The leather seat cushion and mesh seat back are matched for an extraordinary and unique visual enjoyment.


Composition: 100% genuine leather
Wear resistance: more than 50,000 grinding cycles
Flame retardant: Complies with CA117- Section E Part 1
Certifications: BS EN 1021-1:1994, BE EN 1021-2:1994
Color fastness to light: grade 4 ( CNS3845 L3074 JIS L0842)
Friction firmness: wet: 4.5, dry: 4.5


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Ergohuman 入選《The 15 Best Office Chairs of 2020》
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