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New Year upgrade offer, up to 70% off ✆ 6733 3118 ✉ Kwun Tong• Jordan• Shatin• Kwai Chung New Year upgrade offer, up to 70% off ✆ 6733 3118 ✉ Kwun Tong• Jordan• Shatin• Kwai Chung


ERGOHUMAN PLUS with Footrest (Luxury Edition) Ergonomic Chair

$7,000.00 $6,299.00

gray frame gray mesh
black frame black net

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model: iOC-H388LR

Ergohuman Plus with Pedals (Luxury Edition)

(Taiwan name - Ergohuman 111 Plus (Pro) single rod version with pedals)  

Product size: 63.5~67.5cm(W) x 60~66cm(D) x 114.5-128.5cm(H)
Cushion height: 46.5-56.5cm
Swivel foot plate: 68cm diameter
Seat load: 120 Kg
Color: Black Frame Black Mesh / Gray Frame Gray Mesh

Product Features:

  • The deluxe version adopts all-aluminum alloy back bone and headrest bracket
  • The headrest, back cushion, lumbar pillow and seat are all made of MATREX mesh imported from the United States, which is durable and never deformed
  • Light Gray or Black Plastic Frame, TPU Armrest Pads (ERGOHUMAN PLUS EXCLUSIVE)
  • The control lever, headrest frame, back support frame, armrest frame, armrest lift button, and chassis are all aluminum alloy finely polished
  • Imported air rods, aluminum alloy tripods, casters and other accessories, reliable and durable
  • The headrest can be adjusted in height and angle
  • The backrest can be tilted and locked, and the height of the backrest can also be adjusted
  • The product has a maximum recline angle of 30 degrees
  • The world's first single-lever control chassis can be tilted synchronously, multi-stage locking, humanized reclining elastic adjustment
  • Seat back can be adjusted in height, automatic elastic waist pillow
  • The seat can be adjusted in height, depth and angle
  • The armrest can be raised and lowered, and the armrest surface can be adjusted 360 degrees to adjust the angle, width and front and rear adjustment (4D armrest design)
  • Equipped with luxurious foot pillows to make you sit more comfortably

​​(Laptop seat not included, can be added later if necessary) 

**5 Years Warranty**

Other colors can be ordered, please call 26261666 for inquiries.