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DONNA 0291S – (Small Two-Seat/Two-Seat/Three-Seat) Fabric Sofa Bed

$4,200.00 $3,799.00

small two-seater fabric 2-Seater Fabric
小二人座 2-Seater Fabric
2-Seater Fabric 2-Seater Fabric
二人座 2-Seater Fabric
3-Seater Fabric 3-Seater Fabric
三人座 3-Seater Fabric

**This is a custom-made product, and it will take 4-6 weeks to order**

Product Details︰
materials︰ fabric

- Fabric: colorful, breathable
- The back of the chair can be adjusted to 3 angles, which can be flat, semi-lying and sitting upright

Small two seats:
Width W 1400mm; 55.1";
Unopened depth D 930mm; 36.6";

Opened depth D 1200mm; 47.2";
Height H 830mm; 32.6" ;

Two seats:
Width W 1700mm; 66.9";
Unopened depth D 930mm; 36.6";
Depth D 1500mm after opening; 59";
Height H 830mm; 32.6";

Three seats:
Width W 2000mm; 78.7";
Unopened depth D 930mm; 36.6";
Opened depth D 1800mm; 70.8";
Height H 830mm; 32.6"

 **One Year Warranty**

color︰ Optional color, please contact the store for reference color version

For enquiries, please call 2626 1666 or email