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Panels and Finishes

Plywood PLYWOOD [SPAZIO main designated materials]

Price: on the high side
Advantages: strong bearing capacity, better moisture resistance, not easy to deform
Disadvantages: the surface is rough, and additional processes are required to deal with some finishes (such as baking paint)

Plywood is a more commonly used decoration and furniture panel in Hong Kong. There are two types of thin core board and large core board:

  • Thin core board - several layers of thin wood boards are collaged up and down (the number is odd because the stress is even and not easy to deform).
  • Large core board - the core is made of spliced ​​wooden strips, and then sandwiched by two layers of thin wood boards.
  • Both have relatively good hardness and are less prone to deformation than other boards. However, among the two, the thin-core board is better in every aspect, so the price will be relatively more expensive [SPAZIO's main designated materials] .
  • The thickness of the plywood is in units of [points], 1 point is 3 mm, and custom-made furniture usually uses 6 points of board, which is 18 mm.


Price: Medium
Advantages: smooth surface and easy to finish
Disadvantages: medium load-bearing capacity, damp will swell, heavy

Fibreboard is made of wood chips and adhesives, pressed at high temperature; and classified according to density from low to high. Among them, medium density fiberboard (MDF) is most commonly used to make custom-made furniture.

The biggest advantage is that the surface is smooth and can be easily matched with no finishes, but the same fatal weakness is that it will swell and deform when it is exposed to moisture. Its price will be between plywood and bagasse board.

bagasse board / particle board / particle board CHIPBOARD / PARTICLE BOARD

Price: low
Advantages: smooth surface and easy to finish
Disadvantages: poor bearing capacity, easy to deform, insufficient screw bite force and easy to affect product structure

Bagasse board, also known as particle board and particle board, is usually used for cheap mass-produced furniture because of its various shortcomings that make the price cheaper.
For example: Yi X furniture.

[It is definitely not the normal product material of SPAZIO ]

solid woodWOOD VENEER

Price: Medium to high
Pros: Strong and durable, extremely long life, original texture
Disadvantages: The price ratio is relatively large, and it is easily deformed by humidity and temperature, especially some cork such as pine

Expensive wood grows slower, so is denser and rarer. High grade wood: walnut, rosewood, ebony, cherry, teak Intermediate wood: elm, oak, beech, ash Low grade wood: rubberwood, paulownia, birch, pine, fir

Solid wood furniture requires special maintenance methods such as wood oil to maintain quality

Overview of internal panels

From high to low ( plywood->medium density fiberboard->bagasse board ), however, the quality and price of different solid wood types are relatively large, which can be placed under MDF or on top of plywood. SPAZIO stores also have various boards for reference.

exterior finish

Painted PU

Price: medium
Advantages: rich colors, easy to clean
Disadvantages: average wear resistance

There are rich color options for baked lacquer, which can produce different gloss effects such as matte/glossy/metallic surface.
Because the effect of baking paint with fiberboard is better, if you want to use plywood with baked paint, many masters will first add a layer of 1-point fiberboard on the surface of the plywood. For baked paint with wood grain effects, you must first paste veneer on the board, and then bake. Paint, so the price will of course be more expensive.

Wood Veneer (technical veneer/real veneer)

Price: Technology veneer (medium) / real veneer (high)
Advantages: real texture, soft and warm texture
Disadvantages: average wear resistance, color difference, discoloration (especially after long-term sunlight exposure)

The veneer is a thin slice made of real wood. The veneer is more expensive (depending on the wood species) and easier to flower, but the advantage is that it can only be natural.


Price: low to high
Advantages: wear-resistant, flame-retardant, easy to clean, and many choices of artificial texture styles
Disadvantages: The corners need to be specially treated otherwise there will be black edges (black air)

There are many styles and brands of fireproof rubber sheets, ranging from miscellaneous brands to well-known brands such as Formica, West German board, Deli board, etc., from flat solid color to three-dimensional wood grain, and the price can vary widely. This decorative paper is pressed with melamine resin. Because of its wear-resistant, moisture-proof and flame-retardant properties, it has become the mainstream choice for kitchen cabinet finishes.

Ecological board MELAMINE

Price: Medium
Advantages: self-contained finish, consistent look and feel of the bottom surface
Disadvantages: Different manufacturers have different quality/poor flame resistance

Eco-board has many different names such as flower-proof board/Mexin board. Similar to fire-resistant plastic board, but the surface protection treatment is relatively thin, only the inside and outside of the cabinet can be the same color without additional cost (compared to the same color inside and outside the fire-resistant rubber board, additional processes and costs are required)

E0/E1 board

  • E0 board and E1 board are formaldehyde emission, E1 board is lower than the safe level, and E0 board is even lower, close to zero. That is whether the E0 board is better than the E1. How about the board?

    Formaldehyde is not an absolutely bad substance. It also has its own function. Only when it is added to furniture boards can it achieve the functions of adhesion and moisture resistance. If the E0 board does not have these functions, it will be used in damp places, such as kitchens, toilets, bathrooms, etc. Just not as durable, so the E1 board is a nice balance.

  • Because formaldehyde is released from the gum between the core and the core, as long as it is handled properly, the E1 board will be even more reliable than the E0 board.

First of all, if the veneer is well sealed, formaldehyde cannot be released naturally. However, if the board is not strong enough, it will be difficult to ensure that formaldehyde will not emit from the damaged board, so the moisture resistance/adhesion/hardness of E1 play a huge role. It is also why the E1 board is a better choice in general.

E1 board is [SPAZIO main designated materials]