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Will the oil pressure bed be clamped?

Commonly known as "oil pressure" in the market, also known as gas lift (GAS LIFT)

The hydraulics is a complex compression spring that uses the principle of pneumatic power to store mechanical energy. The cylinder inlet contains high-pressure nitrogen, and the pressure difference generated by the pressure of the gas changes with the space, which is used as the power for the expansion and contraction of the hydraulics.

When the hydraulics is under pressure, the piston will be pushed into the cylinder, thereby compressing the gas inside and storing potential energy in the form of increasing the pressure in the cylinder. When the  external force is released, the gas pressure in the cylinder will bring the piston back to its original position, and release the stored pressure potential energy in the form of thrust during the stretching process.

Furniture using air rods can lead to insufficient durability and even safety for the following reasons:

1) Poor or insufficient Hydraulics quality

Generally, high-quality hydraulics are made of steel, but most of the low-quality hydraulics on the market may be electroplated from other materials, and the quality is relatively uneven. IFCO and SPAZIO have always adhered to rigorous international quality and selected high-quality commercial standard hydraulics, respectively from Taiwan, South Korea, Spain and Germany, which are absolutely safe to buy and use!

The SPAZIO transforming bed adopts hydraulics, which is more convenient to install than other ordinary mechanical springs. More than that, it is safer to use, less noise made by it, more environmentally friendly and becoming more energy-saving. When the bed is opening, the bed frame will slowly fall to the ground and when it's closing, it will not rebound rapidly like the spring ones, avoiding impact of the components in place, longer service life and greatly improved safety!

The hydraulics is the most important part of the computer chair, through which the height of the seat can be adjusted. IFCO computer chairs all use Korean KGS, SHS ergonomic chair Class 3 or Class 4 hydraulics of the highest quality level, such as: Taiwan brand Ergohumand, Vision and Rioli series, the products have passed the American ANSI/BIFMA x5.1 international certification safety test standard, German TUV and SGS BS EN1335 European public furniture strict testing and certification, safe and reliable!

2) Using an air rod of the incorrect poundage

Since the mattress and bed board have to be lifted up at one time, if the air rod with high supporting force is used, it will affect the opening and closing problem, making it difficult to close the bed , wasting time and effort . On the other hand, the use of low-pound air rods cannot support the weight of the mattress, and the bed board may cause the bed to press down rapidly, causing danger.

It is generally recommended to take a 4- foot by 6- foot hydraulic bed as an example, plus an 8 -inch thick mattress, it should be equipped with an air rod with a load of 250 pounds , and a single bed should use 170 pounds. For details , consult an experienced salesperson first.

Air rod weight reference: 150 lbs , 250 lbs , 290lbs , 330 lbs , 380 lbs

3) Wrong or improper installation of air rod

Always pay attention to and check the screws installed on the air rod , whether the metal movable frame is symmetrical and whether the structure is stable.

If the air rod is installed incorrectly or improperly , the hydraulic bed may suddenly collapse due to insufficient strength, which may directly cause accidents , ranging from pinching hands to serious casualties. In the past, there have indeed been several accidents related to the installation of the air rod of the hydraulic press in Hong Kong. As the saying goes, there are too many accidents, and they must not be ignored!

4) Excessive use of the air rod will also lead to aging

The air rod will inevitably wear out after a long time of use. At least two to three sets of air rods and metal movable frames are installed under the bed board. If one of them has a problem, it will usually be more difficult to open and close than usual, and the mattress cannot be automatically raised to the highest point, lacking balance and insufficient support .

To sum up all the above, the air rod must be installed securely and must have sufficient supporting force, and it is also important to install safety supports. Finally, if you are so alert, you should regularly find a professional technician to check the use of the air rod, and remember to repair and replace it when necessary!