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Hardware Accessories

The importance of home hardware functions

Seafood prices for custom-made furniture? Is there a big price difference?

  • First of all, the difference between good and bad in the industry is indeed one of the factors, and everyone must choose reliable merchants carefully.
  • In addition, when most people buy furniture, they usually focus on the appearance design, style, color, feeling, etc., but the quality of materials and workmanship is also very important, such as panels (please refer to our other article [Plates] ) and other elements such as metal glass, and among them [hardware accessories] will often be ignored, and these are the main factors that determine the price and quality.

High-quality wood coupled with high-quality hardware accessories can maximize the life and functionality of furniture. There will be no effect of a flower stuck on cow dung.

Due to the innumerable types of hardware accessories, whether it is the living room, bedroom, kitchen or toilet, the existence of hardware accessories is indispensable. It is conceivable that the combination of structure, material and performance of hardware is very important, and even affects the practicability, plasticity, functionality, durability, safety and overall effect of various furniture.

Common material classification of hardware

  • Copper - good mechanical properties, good corrosion resistance and processability
  • Stainless Steel - Durable and bright. High strength, better corrosion resistance than copper, no change in color, and there are different grades (see the picture below)
  • Zinc Alloy —The strength and rust resistance are poor, and the advantage is that it is easy to make parts with complex patterns
  • Aluminum alloy — lighter and less strong, but easy to form
  • Ceramic — the strongest material, high resistance to compression, but less tensile strength and easily shattered. Not easy to oxidize, also has excellent corrosion resistance

Furniture and hardware brands from Europe, America and Japan [SPAZIO commonly used brands]


SISO DENMARK (Sisu) glass door hinge

ATIM ITALY telescopic dining table hinge

POZZOLI ITALY Transformer bed hardware accessories

ABAIN SPAIN deformed bed hydraulic hardware hinge

LAMP JAPAN (Lamp) buffer hinged hinge

MINIWINCH ITALY Steel Rope Suspension