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HOS decoration knowledge?

Buyers of HOS basically do not sell their flats in the first five years, most of them are self-occupied, and the new HOS flats are almost completely unfurnished, so many people do not hesitate to spend a lot of money to decorate themselves What a dream! However, the Housing Department actually has certain regulations on the decoration of HOS flats. Friends who are selected for HOS flats should pay attention!

Beware of hollow bricks tilting with the floor, remember to check the building <br>Most HOS houses are delivered in the state of "Qingshui Building", which is an auspicious house. The ground and walls only have simple plastering, no waterproofing, and no finish Therefore, owners of HOS flats must be mentally prepared that the renovation project will take a long time and cost a lot of money.

At the same time, it is best to conduct a building inspection before the renovation project starts, because according to past experience, some new HOS flats have problems such as loose plaster, hollow walls/hollow bricks, inclined floors, water leakage, etc. If there is a building defect, there is a great chance that additional charges will be required, and the progress of the construction period will also be delayed. When taking over the HOS flat, remember to carefully check the walls and floors that will be retained to see if there are any problems, so as to avoid loss.

The new HOS flats are delivered in Qingshui Building, so they need to be completely renovated before moving in.

If you are a public housing resident, you must relocate within 60 days after the property is taken over Living in a public housing unit, but HOS renovations take time and may not be completed within 60 days, so residents are better prepared to apply for an extension to return the public housing unit, so as not to find another residence when the new housing renovation is not completed when the transfer is made. Pay attention when applying: 1. The maximum extension is 30 days; 2. During the extension period, 3 times the rent must be paid.

The kitchen door and toilet door can be disassembled and changed into an open kitchen. Application is required for entry <br>The home owner will receive a batch of documents when they take over the building, which involves matters to be paid attention to during decoration, including decoration guidelines and a guarantee letter for the installation of electrical equipment, etc. , you need to apply for renovation works at the management office before renovation, but if the following situations are involved, you must pay attention: 1. Devices involving structural dangers cannot be dismantled, such as main walls and beams, etc.; 2. Aluminum windows cannot be changed, otherwise it will violate the building Deed of Mutual Deed; 3. The kitchen workbench can be dismantled; 4. The kitchen door and toilet door can be dismantled, but if you want to change the kitchen from a dry kitchen to an open kitchen, you need to dismantle the door, you have to apply to the Buildings Department, and get the consent first can do.

Is the "Reference List of Renovation Contractors" useful?
The Housing Department has set up a "Reference List of Decoration Contractors". The decoration contractors on the list must show the Housing Department bank deposits, past works and other documents to prove that the company has certain assets and relevant experience, and must pass the background of the police The original intention of the review is to prevent public housing and HOS tenants from selecting some "clean" decoration contractors, and avoid causing nuisance due to the misuse of illegal companies.

The contractors on the list are not employed by the Housing Department and have no direct relationship with the Housing Department. In the end, if there is a problem with the renovation project, the risk and responsibility must still be borne by the tenants themselves. The quotations of these decoration companies may not be reasonable. In the past, 10 contractors on the list were accused of collusion in setting prices.

In fact, there are already many formal decoration companies in the market, and referring to the list of the Housing Department may not be guaranteed. HOS owners may consider comparing prices with other decoration companies.

HOS Renovation Package VS Design Company <br>Nearly 3 points per person in Hong Kong live in public housing, so many decoration companies have specially set up "HOS Renovation Package" for HOS, at an all-inclusive price of "including work and materials", Carry out basic renovations for the unit. The items include dust removal, oil turning, flooring, kitchen and toilet cabinets, and sanitary ware installation. The lower the price, the more materials the owner has to prepare by himself. Taking a medium-sized unit (about 400 square feet) as an example, the price of these packages is generally about more than 100,000 yuan. The owner mainly provides materials such as tiles, sanitary ware, lighting, doors, etc., and the master will install them on his behalf.

If some raw materials are included in the set meal, they are usually purchased by decoration companies in large quantities at low prices, and there are not many choices. If the owner has requirements for the interior decoration of the house, wants to change the unit spacing, or wants to slowly select high-quality materials, there are usually two methods. One is from the design, purchase of materials, to the order of furniture. Consult and negotiate with the engineering company of the decoration package, so that you can choose the most flat package that only includes basic engineering and no materials; if you have sufficient funds and no concept of design, you can hire an interior design company, and the design company will follow up all related matters on your behalf , the owner only needs to pay for additional furniture.

SPAZIO Renovation Project Example