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Warranty Terms | Register for maintenance

Warranty period

【SPAZIO Product Instant Registration】

The warranty period of SPAZIO products (only deformed beds, electric combs and some movable furniture) is as follows, the length of the warranty period is subject to the age period on the receipt, please contact Customer Service Department for details.
i. Deformation bed products – 5-year limited maintenance period (1-3 years of package material – 4-5th year of package without package; Air rod and hardware anti-hinge accessories only)*
ii.   electric combing, Bullet Carding and Movable Furniture -1 year structural maintenance (hardware movable accessories only; The first half of the year is contracted materials, and the second half of the year is not packaged)*
*Damaged under normal use, if you need to move furniture that has been fixed to the wall, there is a surcharge, please refer to the product warranty terms and scope for details

【IFCO Product Instant Registration】

The warranty period of IFCO's products (ergonomic chairs, distinguishing chairs, height-adjustable desks, children's furniture, etc.) is as follows, the length of the maintenance period is subject to the period on the receipt, please contact Customer Service for details.
i. 5 years warranty period – 1-3 years package – 4-5 year package without package

ii. 3 years warranty period – 1st year contracted material – 3rd year contracted material without package
iii. Warranty period 1 year for goods – 1 year for packaged materials
iv. All fabrics and pulleys are maintained for one year

Product Warranty Terms and Scope

Thank you for choosing SPAZIO+ (deformed furniture, electric combing, movable furniture, etc.) and IFCO (ergonomic chairs, office chairs, sit-stand desks, children's furniture, etc.) products, most of the company's products have passed strict international recognized testing standards including BIFMA, EN, BS, JSS, GB, etc., different products have different maintenance periods, please refer to the documents and related company webpages for details;

To ensure your product maintenance rights, please read and pay attention to the following:
1) The customer must keep the original purchase receipt and submit it in Count from the date of receipt, and register online within 14 days Only the relevant product and personal simple information can enjoy the relevant free warranty service. If the required documents are not provided and/or the Company is not registered online will not We apologize for providing maintenance services for our products.


2) Maintenance service Applicable to Hong Kong only Inside.
3) The scope of maintenance is only applicable to daily indoor normal use (except outdoor products), and does not include the following situations:
Man-made damage, improper use or damage caused by customer misuse, negligence, abuse, input of wrong voltage, accident, natural disaster, fire, flood and other factors; The scope of maintenance does not include consumables such as seat wheels, mesh elastication, face covers, power cords, plugs, etc.
4) The scope of maintenance includes functionality and normal operation and operation. (Except for personal subjective feelings such as personal sensation, perception, vision, odor, taste, sound, and comfort).
5) If the customer chooses to install by himself, any part has been opened by a technician who is not the company, or the product is moved to another location after the company installs and has problems, it will be automatically listed as a loss of maintenance.
6) The receiving customer must be 18 years old or above, and after the customer signs it, it means that he acknowledges the receipt and believes that the product is in good order. The company is not responsible for any errors in the product or any discrepancy in the style, color, model, color difference, scratch, dirt, unsightly texture and other cosmetic problems after the customer signs the confirmation.
7) The scope of maintenance does not include dimensional differences caused by the manufacturing process (software furniture such as mattresses and combs, length, width or height 50mm are within normal tolerances; Wooden and iron furniture, length, width or height and 25mm within normal tolerance)
8) The scope of maintenance does not include differences between the goods and the display due to the natural properties of the material, such as leather grain and wood grain.
9) The scope of maintenance does not include the phenomenon of color difference, discoloration, degumming and shrinkage caused by long-term use of the goods or the influence of external factors (such as sunlight, moisture, moisture, salt, cleaning products, chemicals, etc.).
10) The product can generally be used for a long time under normal use, but if the product is often moved or dragged on the ground (such as dining chairs and products with wheels often slide on the ground) and the screws are easy to loosen, the customer has the need and responsibility to check and lock the screws regularly; 7 days after the customer receives the goods, if the screw is loose, the customer must lock it back to its original position to avoid accidents, and the company is not responsible for all the consequences arising therefrom. If a technician is required to visit the door for inspection and locking due to the problem of loose screws, the company reserves the right to charge a technician visit inspection and maintenance fee of not less than 0 (remote areas and stairs are subject to negotiation).
11) If there is a problem during the maintenance period of the product, in order to effectively deal with the customer's maintenance matters, please provide relevant photos and videos, so that the company's staff and technicians can accurately bring the corresponding accessories and tools for repair; If the customer fails to provide the relevant information, the company has the right to refuse to provide any maintenance and consulting services, or charge a technician visit inspection fee of not less than 0 (remote areas and stairs are subject to negotiation).
12) If it is not within the scope of the Company's maintenance or any situation beyond the scope of the Company's responsibility, the customer still needs to request a technician to visit the door, and the Company has the right to charge a technician visit inspection fee of not less than 0 (remote areas and stairs are subject to negotiation).

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